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What Is Bioresonance Testing?

Bioresonance testing is the quantification of electromagnetic wavelengths (in hertz) of the body’s energy field to gauge and detect a variety of electromagnetic values as they relate to and impact your optimal health. Bioresonance testing technology allows for the principles of quantum physics to gain insight into your health at the bio-photonic, atomic and subatomic levels. This can all be done with samples of hair, nails, urine and saliva.

Our Comprehensive Foundational Scan

The Comprehensive Scan

Identify any imbalances in your body’s systems and restore harmony.

The Emotional Scan

Evaluate the nature of your emotions and past trauma and find ways to grow past them.

The General Support Scan

Find the supplements that resonate with your body without the need for guesswork.

The Allergy Scan

Try our 3-in-1 scan that includes an allergy sensitivity profile, an environmental sensitivity list, and a food sensitivity list covering over 240 foods.

The Informational Scan

Assess your body’s biochemistry and physiology and detect potential imbalances.

Lifestyle Guidance and Coaching

While on my way to embracing a healthy lifestyle, I discovered some tips and tricks that make the journey easier. So I decided to share them with others to help make their lives better. As an experienced physician and coach equipped with the necessary tools and methods, I will always bring empathy, respect, and understanding to our sessions. I will listen to your journey so far and help you get even further.

I am always learning so much from Dr. Gershenhorn.  She takes the time to really listen to me and educate me so I can understand how to improve my health.  She does not see me as just a set of labs or a diagnosis- she sees me as a human being who needs to understand their body and how it works.  We need more doctors like her.”

Jessica L.

Dear Dr. Valerie, I am ever thankful for having you in my life. Through our chats in the office and in reading your always encouraging posts on this platform, it is clear that you are so much more than the title on your name tag. You genuinely wish the best in life for everyone around you – friend and stranger. Although I’ve not expressed it to you previously, I think now is the perfect time to tell you that you’ve been such an inspiration to me in many ways. I’ve learned from you that life is so much deeper than what is witnessed on the surface. There is so much more to life than going to work and coming home to children and chores. To see the wide interpretation of life through your eyes has led me on my own thought-provoking journey to discover what my own life means to me and who “I” am .. as a woman, a professional, a mother, a neighbor, a friend, and, most importantly, as my own best friend to myself. I’ve learned and practiced loving myself first. I practice more self care and am more aware that although I seemed to have lost my identity over the years, they are behind me, and I am so much more than what anyone sees on the outside. The derivative is that I’ve learned that I am worthy of so much more than I’ve accepted in the past, and that’s a huge step forward for me on my own life’s path.

Kim D.

Dr. Valerie Gershenhorn has been my dermatologist for the last 8 years and I knew from the minute I met her, she was different.  Different in the sense that she was more than just a dermatologist.  She cares about me as a person.  She questioned, she listened, she heard and helped me.  She is an exceptional woman, for whom I am grateful came into my life and I am thankful to now call my friend.”

Fran L.


How Is Bioresonance Testing Different from Conventional Testing with a Licensed Medical Provider?

By the time an imbalance occurs in the body, and we notice, it is often too late, and the damage can be difficult to reverse or take a long time to accomplish healing.
While a majority of conventional lab testing centers around the physical and biochemical specimens of the body and assesses the end product of the physical symptomology arising at that time, Bioresonance testing allows for the testing of all the precursors of these biochemical imbalances, which leads to the physical symptomology expressions.

What Kinds of Tests and Information Can I Gain through Bioresonance Testing?

Bioresonance testing is energetic—not to be confused with conventional labs completed through blood testing by a licensed medical provider. Because of this, we are able to draw far more information from the client’s body through energetic frequencies (measured in hertz) to locate areas of imbalance and dis-ease.
It also allows the client’s body to guide the practitioner on their journey to optimal health! If their body is not ready to heal because of another issue, it allows them to do just that and heal in a way that they are ready for at each step.

Do You Offer Additional Testing?

Yes! We have a multitude of additional tests that include G.E.M. Therapy (EFT), Complementary Therapies Scan, Metabolic Scan, Reflexology Scan, Sleep Scan, Toxin Scan, Weightloss Scan, and more.

How Do I Know Which Scans I Need?

We highly recommend starting with the Comprehensive Foundational Scan to get a full view of your body’s issues and symptomology.
As your practitioner, I will be able to guide you through the process, beneficial scans, their specific pricing, packages, and specials!

How Do I Get Tested?

Our Bioresonance testing is available virtually, with clients sending hair, nail, urine, and saliva samples for testing. This allows WellEnci to test newborns, infants, the elderly, and those who are chronically and immunologically impaired in a noninvasive manner without them leaving the comfort of their own home!
Instructions will be discussed and given to the client to send their specimens in a timely manner for processing along with the Bioresonance tests WellEnci has to offer.

Where Are You Located?

WellEnci is located in Southern California and is on Pacific Standard Time. But our services are entirely VIRTUAL! We service both international and national clients!
Because we only need a client’s samples to test, you can mail them. The results are sent electronically!

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